London 16/12/1989 Saturday

London 16/12/1989 Saturday

Today Carmen, Isabel, Joel and I went to see an exhibition of 150 years of photography. Very good! Marcos, Leda and their little boy also turned up. Half way through they announced it was closing in 15 minutes, so we just rushed through for the second half. I’m thinking about buying an Olympus Super Zoom. But the truth is, it’s the photographer what matters, not the camera. I verified this fact today at the exhibition.

We then went to eat at Euston station. Joel told some very funny stories and we kept bursting out laughing. The people around us were clueless as to why we were laughing, we were talking lots of nonsense and swearing but no one could understand us. At one point we were listing the names by which penis and vagina are known. I think ‘pursued’ (perseguida) and Maçaranduba (a type of brazilian redwood) for vagina/penis are the most comical. After this very educational conversation I picked my Christmas gift from Carmen’s and went home.

I called Rio when I got home, Gabriel answered, I miss the little brat! Talked to my aunt and cousin. Bad news, Vasco is the champion in football, eugh (I support Flamengo). Julia has four little teeth (how cute!). My cousin said Lula didn’t do too well on this debate, he looked nervous and kept attacking Collor. Lula, now is not the time to step on the ball! He needed a repeat of the first debate when he annihilated Collor. Shame….

I miss my family! Tonight my obsession striked again: Henrique! My first love. I dreamt about him. Will I never forget this guy?!?!

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