Day Five, Grand Canyon, Helicopter!

August 6th 2014 – Day 5, Grand Canyon, Helicopter! Woke up at 6, nudged Jeff who said he didn’t want to go for a run, but he got up 10 minutes later and we went for the most scenic run ever. Here’s the run. The first half was very hard, due to altitude, but also, … Read more

Day Four, Grand Canyon

August 5th 2014 – Day 4, Grand Canyon Would have been the perfect night’s sleep, except Daniel’s alarm went off at 4:30, this had been set for Vegas and he forgot to turn it off. We left the lodge at 9:30 and got a bus to the Visitor centre, booked helicopter trip for tomorrow. Then … Read more

Day Three, on the road to Grand Canyon

August 4th 2014 – Day 3, on the road to Grand Canyon Slightly better night’s sleep, but once again wide awake at 3am for an hour, could hear stag party somewhere but not too loud. Our room was actually peaceful, noise wise. Up at 4:30 and then out at 5:10 am, taxi to bus station. … Read more