RJ 21/10/1989 Saturday – Last day in Rio

RJ 21/10/1989 Saturday – Last day in Rio It’s tomorrow… I can’t believe it. I was doing nothing all day. Keyla said she was coming here but didn’t… My things filled up a big bag, a smaller bag and a rucksack. I can’t go over the weight limit. My records, books and summer clothes are … Read more

RJ 20/10/1989 Friday – Goodbye Gustavo, again

RJ 20/10/1989 Friday – Goodbye Gustavo, again The day started badly with my aunt saying I am selfish and have never been able to show her any affection. I said that if no one thinks about me I have to think about myself and if I was unable to show affection so was she. All … Read more

RJ 17/10/1989 Tuesday

RJ 17/10/1989 Tuesday I got back from Friburgo today. There was a big kerfuffle. My father was going to pay for half my plane ticket yesterday, but his guarantor didn’t show up… So him and my mother had a big argument last night, over the phone, my mother called him irresponsible and there was a … Read more

RJ 14/10/1989 Saturday

RJ 14/10/1989 Saturday FINALLY, my mother arrived from Brasilia! She stayed at Zezé’s and then went to Friburgo, to relax. I’m going tomorrow to say goodbye to Maira, Gabriel, Julia, Mrs Nina and Claudio. I can’t stay with my mother for any length of time without an argument. Sometimes it feels like I’m her mother… … Read more

RJ 12/10/1989 Thursday

RJ 12/10/1989 Thursday I went to Ana’s this afternoon, she called me yesterday with THE STORY. Something shocking happened with her! For quite a while she had been cheating on Mauro with Barbosa. On Friday she called me asking me to tell her mother (in case she asked) that we were going to the cinema, … Read more